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Field Report, Ingress

8th February 2015: Snot supply drop Perth

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08/02/2015 Perth, Scotland

Sunday, Gods day of rest but not for us. Today there is increased snot activity. 3 Green agents, Nyxtempest, Waltzpeng and Kobayagi, travel to our area to knock down our fields around Perth, Dundee and the Angus area.

Blue agents BorisGrishnikov (me), Batbaby and Killiekrankie set out on a snot mop up operation to follow their path of destruction and set up the fields again.
We tracked the 3 interlopers through Perth to Scone to discover they were supplying LannisterLove, a Scone resident, with equipment at the Scone war memorial portal. We watched from afar as they met to initiate their drops. When we saw capsules being dropped full of equipment we decided to intercept.
We drew the car in range but hidden, turned off the engine and waited for more drops.
We were not disappointed. We managed to acquire 2 capsules of enemy items (including ultra strikes, mods and power cubes) before they got suspicious. They dropped a level 8 resonator to test it wasn’t a glitch or since it looks similar to a capsule perhaps to see if someone was stealing their items (lol) we didn’t take the bait and after a few portal keys and resonators were dropped they felt secure enough again to drop another few capsules which we promptly and trollfully stole. After this we suspect they caught on to us stealing items or assumed the signal was bad and the capsules got lost somewhere.
As they drove off up a little country path to a pain in the ass portal we killed the portal next to where they were parked to let them know they had been a victim of theft.
We ninja’d about the place remaining in shadow while they came out the pain in the ass country path and let them drive home for 5 mins before going up that path ourselves to mop up the snotty portals.
After they left we set our fields back up and went home to HQ.

I’m sure the snots thought they did a good job but as far as we can fathom we made them waste their time that day. Especially since they were nice enough to drop capsules of good equipment for us to steal 😀

Agent BorisGrishnikov signing off.

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