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Field Report, Ingress

17th February 2015: Regret and Loathing in Edinburgh

17th February 2015
Agents: BorisGrishnikov, Batbaby


This was my second mission to Edinburgh so I knew what was coming.
Notifications. Notifications as constant and flowing as Niagra falls.
That’s what I’ve been getting since our trip. Constant “Your portal X is under attack by Y”
Agent Batbaby and I spent the day there for unique captures, unique hacks, deploys, links, fields and reso kills. We were not disappointed. We were however, paranoid. Every where we looked people were on phones. Was that an agent? an enemy? a fellow blue? At one point we had just taken a portal over, placed a resonator each, looked up to check our directions and looked back at our phones to find Levar and Eshu had filled the resonator slots up. Edinburgh is such a busy place that portals are constantly changing hands and people are passing on foot and by bus that you can easily pass several Ingressers like ninjas.

We met up with two Edinburgh blues to say hello and later drop our Edinburgh keys to them. On the original meetup we noticed three greens Lbamp, Waltzpeng (One of the generous item donors from This Story) and another walking down Princes Street taking the line of portals over. We stood and watched, it’s funny from a watcher perspective as Ingress players stand out a mile off.

Edinburgh has tons of artworks, sculptures and important buildings so portals are abundant. Lots of high level equipment is easy to pick up too as there are lots of Ingress players about bigger cities. If anyone ever needs unique portals the bigger cities are a great place to do it. Just prepare for a ton of notifications for months after!

Note: Very thankful for our Anker Battery pack which kept us charged all day!


You too can have adventures like this.

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