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Shhh… I’m Hunting Guardians

Shhh… I’m Hunting Guardians

01 March 2015
Agents: BorisGrishnikov, Batbaby
Location: Dunkeld, Scotland

If you were referred to here from the Enlightened Blog entry you will want to read this first


Arguably at this stage in the life of Ingress the hardest achievement/badge to get is the Guardian.
For those who don’t know it means you have to keep a portal alive for X days.
3 for Bronze, 10 Silver, 20 Gold, 90 Platinum and 150 for Onyx.

With so many Ingress players killing portals everywhere it is a royal pain to find somewhere remote enough to hold it for 150 days.

Green player Soss thought he found such a place. We noticed his guardian was around 140 days old and looked into where it was. Luckily for us Gratex and Soss were active in the Dunkeld area (who goes near their guardian so close to its completion??) so we used Intel so see what portals were near there. Lo and behold! 3 portals in The Hermitage! The perfect place to hide a guardian or 3.


Since then Soss has hidden his stats but we estimate the Guardian on 01/Mar/2015 to be at 144 days old.
I wanted to wait for 149 but that would be a work day.

So, hoping the weather would hold out we set out to Dunkeld. It was raining and sleet/snow but we still managed the pleasant walk along The Hermitage and got a few good pictures while killing the guardians (Signal was mega iffy!)



We are now also 99% sure we got his guardians due to the message he sent us when they died 😀 but we will know in 6 days for sure.
I thought we would have got a bunch of abuse but no, not that he could have recharged against Lvl 8 bursters when the guardians had no shields….


All in all it was a successful mission and there are 2 lessons to be learned in this.
1) Don’t return to the scene of the crime.
2) If your Guardian is getting close to 150 days you should probably lay low until it passes and not give players a reason to hunt down your Guardian.

You too can have adventures like this

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Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


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