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Resistance for all on International Women’s Day


By Agent: woollyhedge

Resistance for all on International Women’s Day

“This is the time to uphold women’s achievements, recognize challenges, and focus greater attention on women’s rights and gender equality to mobilize all people to do their part.”

The slogan this year for International Women’s Day was #makeithappen . The women of the Ingress Resistance do this every single day. We are anomaly planners, big fielders, intel operators, mentors, event organisers, dispatchers, community moderators and boots on the ground.

Female gamers have often been in the news for negative reasons in the last year. We are really lucky that we play a game which is really inclusive and has a wide range of players of all ages and abilities.

This isn’t about saying “We can do it”, we are saying “We are already doing it, come and join us!”

This year, resistance women all around the world organised events, despite the fact that so many people were also involved in shard intel and anomaly planning.

In London we had a family friendly 8 roll to celebrate the beginning of spring, organised by +Melanie Denyer.

In Indiana, +Maggie Coyne and her team fielded the state capital and a few other sizeable towns, with fields in the shape of the symbol for their state wide women’s group.

+C. van Swelm and the Dutch Resistance also celebrated spring in the sunshine, with an 8 roll.

Amany Abo Halawa and the Egyptian smurfettes made some incredible fields

And all over the world there were other events, as women and men of the resistance fought, as we always do, over every shard, every portal, every field and every resonator.

So this year, our message is #resistanceforall . We will celebrate our community, the sense of common purpose and the fun we all have when we play.

And when we field over your town, or steal a shard from under your feet, or win another anomaly, be sure that the women of the resistance are at the heart of everything.


You also can get involved

For an exclusive invite to Ingress fill in This Form and we will get an invite sent to you. filling in the form will allow Resistance members to obtain recruiter badges so by filling in the form this will be your first step towards fighting the good fight and helping the Resistance!

Invites will be sent within 24 hours, please remember to check inbox AND spam folders for the invite!

Remember to Join The Resistance! 🙂


Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

Ingress Resistance Front Line Reports is contactable via:
email –    ingressresistancescotland@gmail.com
Twitter –  @IngressRFLR
Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/IRFLR



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