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Field Report, Ingress

Operation: BlueWinter


Operation BlueWinter

by Jussi Määttänen

In early February I received a request from Estonia to help with a field plan. One of field anchors was less than one hour drive away so I agreed to help.

We recived the required portal keys couple of weeks before the operation. A plan for clearing blocking links and creating link corridors was formed. As we got closer to actual day of operation I started to inform the agents who were doing the cleaning for us. After that we were good to go and just had to wait for the right moment to start clearing the link lanes.

First clearence work was done already on Friday 6th of March. Luckily we had agents who didn’t mind doing some extra driving for a good cause. Some minor cleaning was done on Saturday afternoon but most of the cleaning was left for the evening just before linking time.

On Saturday 7th of March the Finnish linking crew had the IngressFS event in Jyväskylä during the day. After the FS event they kept monitoring intel for possible new blocking links. Luckily there were no new links and not too much happening overall. At around 21.00 the linking crew started the one hour drive to town of Kangasniemi to be ready to set up portals.

Around 21.50 Finnish link crew arrived to first link portal and the long wait started. 40 minutes later all cleaners were ready to take down the last eight blocking links to clear the path to Sweden and Estonia. Exactly as planned at 22.38 the command was given to destroy the final blocking links. After 30 seconds all cleaners had reported their links were down. Then We could report to Estonia “link path clear”. Some seconds later they linked to our portal and the Swedish anchor. Then it was left for us to finish the field with a link to Sweden. After few seconds the link went through and our first of five fields covering both capital cities of Finland and Estonia was up for whooping 1.19 MILLION MU. Within next 15 minutes four more fields were built for total MU just under 6 Million. All fields were up just in time for 23.00 checkpoint.
At this point three new agents from Finland had joined the 1 million MU single field club making the club now consist of four players.@keksinaattori, @Molter, @Temetz and @vieru2002. Also 3 Estonian agents joined the same club;@via101,@T6NN87 and @Ain3.

I would like to thank our fellow agents in Estonia for planning these fields and for letting us be part of the operation. Also huge thank you to all agents who helped to make this happen. And last but not the least,big thank you to ENL for doing some nice links along the link path. You saved us all a lot of work 🙂

Agents who took part in this operation:





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