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Caught Red Handed part II


“Those Cheating Bastards” ~ Midgie

By BorisGrishnikov

All games have their hacks/exploits and methods to cheat and Ingress is no exception.
As an Ingress agent you should avoid cheating at all costs and report those who do regardless of faction or the compromised game will lose it’s appeal to those who play by the rules. (Especially spoofing)

Some of the ways people cheat/behave inappropriately

  • Spoofing – This is where you abuse GPS technology  to make your account appear wherever you want while you are sitting comfortable in your home. Some players have been caught abusing this to take out BAF (Big Ass Fields) from hilltops where other agents are standing and no one is in sight or even appearing at portals that take time to travel between like the ones on Ben Nevis that take a few hours to traverse that were taken down within 15 minutes of each other. A lot of the time these spoofers use fake accounts to do the dirty work as they know the account will get banned. This ruins the spirit of the game for both factions.
  • Multiple accounts – Some people have several accounts for different uses. Some accounts are made for the opposite faction to spy on their faction comms and some second (or 3rd/4th) accounts are made as “Banks” for items and keys so they can overcome the 2000 items limit. The Ingress Community Guidelines state that it must be 1 account to 1 player.
  • Bullying via Anonymity – Trolling other players in comms from a secondary account (also cheating) is against the Ingress community guidelines. A common bullying technique used by the Enlightened players (not heard reports of Resistance doing it but I won’t say it doesn’t happen) is something called “Bar coding”. What they do is create new accounts with usernames using Capital i and lower case L to create a bar code username such as ‘IlIIlIllIll’ the players will then troll others and spoof while hiding under anonymity since in the app the l and I is almost indistinguishable.
  • Win Trading – win trading is where 2 or more players from opposing factions or 1 person with multiple accounts sets up lots of portals to be easily knocked down by the desired account which grants them easy AP and allows them to be levelled quickly. It can also cover other stat boosting tactics like creating a big field, getting the player to kill it and then rebuilding it to boost the MU stat.
  • 3rd Party apps/software – the Niantic ToS for Ingress forbid any 3rd party software that give players an edge over others. Some seem to use data scraping tools for guardian hunting or player tracking to monitor agent movements. As you can see, the offenders start to get creepy at this point.

If I have missed anything (probably have) feel free to drop me an email to  ingressresistancescotland@gmail.com

If you suspect a player of cheating make sure you can prove it first and report it to Niantic here with as much information and proof as possible.

For an exclusive invite to Ingress fill in This Form and we will get an invite sent to you. filling in the form will allow Resistance members to obtain recruiter badges so by filling in the form this will be your first step towards fighting the good fight and helping the Resistance!

Invites will be sent within 24 hours, please remember to check inbox AND spam folders for the invite!

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Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

Ingress Resistance Front Line Reports is contactable via:
email –    ingressresistancescotland@gmail.com
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