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Resistance Dundee new members night 17 MAR 2015


Ingress Resistance Dundee Newbie Night 17/Mar/2015

By BorisGrishnikov

Tuesday night we hosted an introduction to Ingress night where about 9 experienced agents met up with about 5 new players.
we all met in the Cerberus bar and we gave the new players a brief overview of how Ingress works and what does what. We then lead them through a route in our city centre which was packed with green portals so they could get 100AP per hack and gain a few levels. at the end of the route the higher levels blasted away the snot and the new guys deployed and linked away madly under supervision.

I was surprised at how quickly some of it fell away and used a lot less blasters than I thought I would but I guess that’s the power of teamwork and the fact that Ingress is more tipped towards offence.

Judging by the success of the meet up we will do it again and hopefully get even more fresh Resistance faces.

*not all attendees photographed as some split off to do other portals.

Agents in attendance:
Experienced: BorisGrishnikov, Batbaby, MardusAurellius, Nearvana, Lewgo, Killiekrankie, Eyeball, Dragon22, Indigo66.

New guys: Meolana, Faldron, SachiNero, Liviai, StarlightxUK, Cactusman.
If you would like to come to a meetup night in Dundee as an experienced agent to meet fellow blues or as a new player to get shown the ropes contact us via one of the methods at the bottom!

For an exclusive invite to Ingress fill in This Form and we will get an invite sent to you. filling in the form will allow Resistance members to obtain recruiter badges so by filling in the form this will be your first step towards fighting the good fight and helping the Resistance!

Invites will be sent within 24 hours, please remember to check inbox AND spam folders for the invite!

Remember to Join The Resistance! 🙂


Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

Ingress Resistance Front Line Reports is contactable via:
email –    ingressresistancescotland@gmail.com
Twitter –  @IngressRFLR
Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/IRFLR



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