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Field Report, Ingress

Operation: Blue Eagle 2


Operation: Blue Eagle 2

by Mimtwin

Norfolk resistance often comment to agents we meet on our travels “We field all the time in Norfolk, pop up if you want a megafield”. Rarely do they take us up on our offer. When swiss level 16 @HoratioThorne decided to visit Norfolk we knew it was time to put a plan into action. This was the weekend before Shonin’s finale, and we were tiring a little from throwing blocks across the North Sea at every opportunity. We wanted to do something fun.

We made use of two rather special extreme anchors, thank you to @DogToy @Aakesh for providing the military base and @Rb1 @Humanspida for their efforts in September for Orford Ness. Intel was provided by the two best agents we have for such a task ,@Aitch @Shires
Clearance included a Bury St Edmunds rampage by @gummipear and friends, last minute attack by @TattoineHutt and a distraction field by @pugs. Meanwhile @mimtwin and @BobbyLam went on a car adventure around seemingly every market town in Norfolk tearing down links, and also took the scenic route to an isolated ruined castle to run around with torches in a silly fashion. The car has not recovered. Clearance went so well that we were done early again, and @aitch had to hold @mimtwin back just like last time.
@Amberforce and @HoratioThorne worked efficiently to make the North fields in Sheringham, despite a random link thrown by @mimtwin which she expertly jarvissed whilst doing a mission.  @HoratioThorne obtained his gold illuminator as planned.

Agents @Chenstar @Nezma @ChromeNewt and @SirAlf in Suffolk also went to great lengths for the op, along with @Humpa @Ovenchips @MisterSnuggles @Lapida and @Theisman

The south fields lasted for a great deal of time, this was not our intention as the anchors were readily accessible, however it did make for a huge impact on the cell score. Thanks to everyone for making this another great success.

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