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Diamonds are Forever


Diamonds are Forever

07 April 2015
by BorisGrishnikov

Recently agent @DiamondDuke aka Raymond of the Forth Valley Resistance made an epic journey solo via bus, ferry and his own two feet (for 20 miles in the dark) from his home town to the Isle of Lewis to flip one portal which had green links out of it blocking potential blue ones.

In light of his inspirational efforts for the Resistance we clubbed together and raised money for a new phone, a new Anker battery pack, various cables, Blacks vouchers and some other bits and bobs.

The plan was for us all to meet before 7 at the Bobbing John in Alloa where we would surprise him with a big attendance and present him with gifts when he arrived after 7. He arrived úber punctually at half  6 so with most of us not having arrived yet plan A was out the window.

Plan B…. order food and once everyone is there do it. I totally forgot to do a count but I think there was about 16 agents there and a whole hangout of agents on video call (1st time i’ve ever seen a hangout with an intentional call!!!!) wishing @DiamondDuke well, thanking him and congratulating him on his input for the Resistance.

We then went out on a wander to 8 roll Alloa as an additional thank you and to show our appreciation.


You can also get involved!
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One thought on “Diamonds are Forever

  1. Damn nobody invited me to video call on hangout and I hadn’t remembered until way too late. And it was my bloody idea!
    Curse you political debates. Mind you I hadn’t actually even sat down until way after 7. Curse you house work.


    Posted by spytfear | April 8, 2015, 12:23 pm

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