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3 Gold Badges and a Lucky 13

2015-04-112015-04-11 (1)

3 Gold Badges and a Lucky 13

by BorisGrishnikov – 11 Apr 2015

Today two Aberdeen smurfs ThreeCheeseTall and DenebAlgedi came to Dundee to try and get some missions done towards their Spec Ops (missions) badge so I figured I would play the part of tour guide and show them the best order to do missions whilst nabbing myself some stat progress myself in terms to AP, deploys, mods, links, fields, missions. ALL that jazz. Totally forgot to take a snapshot of my stats before so all I know for sure is I knocked out 9 missions.

DiamondDuke was also in town today for the same reason so we arranged to do whatever missions we could inside the ring road and to meet with other smurfs for lunch at HQ. After lunch we went for some cargressing to get the missions that were previously unreachable by the Duke.

In total ThreeCheeseTall and DenebAlgedi gained over 25 missions each and we managed to get all three of ThreeCheeseTall,DenebAlgedi and DiamondDuke their GOLD Spec ops badges! This was also the final gold Duke needed to level up to lucky 13!


2015-04-11 (1)

We dropped Duke off at the bus station to grab his bus home and then went to HQ2 at Cerberus for a pint and a hot chocolate for the driver.

All in all the weather stayed decent and a good day was had by all 🙂

We also in the morning met AgentWalkabout (Formerly LordIcon2) and LittleNipper in town. Friendly folks and always good for a chat 🙂


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