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Field Report, Ingress

Stirling Gold


We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free.

by BorisGrishnikov

Ok so maybe we weren’t there for battle and it was a peaceful day but you know, Stirling… Wallace, resisting the powers trying to control us. Had to be done. I was on a mission for my 6th Gold badge to reach level 12 and I needed around 140 unique captures. I hadn’t been to Stirling yet so I arranged to spend a Saturday wandering Stirling to get them.

I arranged to meet SylarWalker, Weeburd (who was shooting for lvl8), DaveyBuck and Nosferachi (DiamondDuke met us later to say hello) at 11ish. As always, something came up and I had to go via Milnathort so I was a little late. FYI: parking at the rainbow slides car park is only £2.50 for a whole day, god-damn bargain! Can only get 2 hours with that where I’m from.

Anyway, It was a lovely sunny day despite the prediction of rain. One thing I wasn’t prepared for though was that I was going to be essentially walking up or down hill all day! :O  I met Sylarwalker ad Weeburd at the train station and since time was a factor and my burster finger was itchy I decided we should just start at let the others find us via comms activity.

2 Minutes in to the “pew pew pew” we got a message from Stirling Local Phaous welcoming us to Stirling. We would meet up with him later for a drink and whatnot. We managed about 4 or 5 missions while wandering and I had only 60 unique captures to go by the time we had our slightly late lunch in the Peels. After lunch we went on another mission/blasting session to tip toe closer to gold pioneer for me/lvll12 and lvl8 for Weeburd.

Getting later in the day Phaous came in to meet us so we met up and he was kind enough to blast away Castle/Graveyard portals for me to get the captures on (of course I gave him bursters and cubes back).
Achieved the gold and levelled to lvl12! Weeburd reached lvl8! We called it a day at that and went to The Peels for a meet and drink with Phaous and Kashandra. Probably spent about 2 hours chatting with them. Really nice folks. Going to host them in my City some time when they want to knock out a load of missions 🙂

All in all, a successful day. Only need 1 more gold which will be Sojourner in about 8 days and now less than 500K AP which I will get before next week to reach level 13 for sure! Probably going to sit on lucky 13 for a bit after that as I already have most of the next level badge requirements.


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