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Spawning Season Has Hit Edinburgh


Spawning Season Has Hit Edinburgh

For 1 year the ENL (Green) faction has dominated their cell thanks to their control over Edinburgh, winning a total of 50 consecutive cycles so far through hard work and dedication to their cause. A few days after their 1 year win anniversary some resistance members from various areas of Europe managed to pull off a Star Trek insignia shaped field (See below) which would tip the cycle in the favour of Resistance for once. Obviously the Edinburgh ENL would not take this lying down and would try and make some BIG fields to counteract this.


Sunday 28th June. There was a mass increase in activity from ENL, less active names were popping up out of nowhere and clearing links in preparation for their big fields. I last counted 17+ agents clearing links with only 6 of us Resistance members running around trying to put blocking links up not knowing what their full plan was. In the end the ENL managed to get their fields up over Glasgow  for a few CheckPoints and got a multi-layered field up over Edinburgh, Perth and Fife too but we managed with luck to stop the fields reaching CheckPoints.

ENL claim they are outnumbered yet Edinburgh looks like this. (29/06/2015)


As you can see there are some small pockets of Resistance control, this is temporary since a lot of ENL agents were in other areas yesterday it generally is a lot greener. What the ENL tend to do is recruit heavily, level up their team, the higher level agents become sleeper agents and just hack or do the minimal to allow more Greens to come in then they spread by all becoming active when needed. Currently the Resistance In Edinburgh is in dwindling supply. Currently the ENL members are complaining because they have nothing to do in Edinburgh. Although it is good tactics in terms of dominance for them to hold such high numbers it stops most of them playing when they want to because there is nothing to do.

Both the Resistance and Enlightened in Edinburgh could use more Resistance members to give them a challenge and to give them something do to lest they get bored.

The Resistance needs YOU to join to balance Edinburgh again. Install the free Ingress app from the play/apple store and pick Blue/Resistance. Your local faction members will likely say hello and give you a helping hand to get started.


For an exclusive invite to Ingress fill in This Form and we will get an invite sent to you. filling in the form will allow Resistance members to obtain recruiter badges so by filling in the form this will be your first step towards fighting the good fight and helping the Resistance!

Invites will be sent within 24 hours, please remember to check inbox AND spam folders for the invite!

Remember to Join The Resistance! 🙂


Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

Ingress Resistance Front Line Reports is contactable via:
email –    ingressresistancescotland@gmail.com
Twitter –  @IngressRFLR
Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/IRFLR


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