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Field Report, Ingress

The North Remembers


By BorisGrishnikov

Last week was the longest Ingress week I’ve had by a long shot. I burned the candle at both ends AND the middle.

The week started off with the ENL fielding over the whole of Scotland. This is a regular occurrence as they have the resources and ambitious people in the right places to pull this off, and they do it well. The Resistance in Scotland are somewhat short of such people who are competitive enough to fight towards winning the weekly cycle.

Through sheer bloody coincidence we had 2 agents on a getaway only 15 minutes away from the North West anchor of the ENL field. As our Hangouts flared with “shit is going down” we were identifying link paths and potential blocking plans. At this point we didn’t realise the size of the fields.

2 teams of 2 agents were tasked with blocks. Ghiribizzo and Aljbaz were sent from their day trip in Perth to Crieff to link back to Perth as a block but were just minutes too late to get a link in.
Myself and Batbaby were going to Dunning to do the same. I had to wait for 10/15 minutes for her and ended up also just a few minutes late to block which was somewhat annoying.  I should have went solo.
ENL got their baseline in and we knew it was game over. The fields were up.


As our hangouts were buzzing away one of our agents typed 3 words… “We’re in Dornie”

Christ sake ThirteenMagnus that’s not important now we have a BAF (Big Ass Field) to deal with.
*google search Dornie* SWEET JESUS ON A STICK!
Directions and postcode were given to the anchor 15 minutes away from their location and they were off. The checkpoint was as far as I remember 35 minutes away (details sketchy after the week i’ve had :\ ) so if they kill it then the field doesn’t count towards the cell score. THEY BLOODY DID IT! The field was gone and I threw some blockers which gave me 2 lucky 24k fields. Batbaby and I then darted around for the next 30 minutes throwing links hoping at the same time for some lucky fields. We hit the checkpoint and looked at the scores. For once Resistance was winning our cell and by a decent margin as they had sacrificed thier other fields in order to pull off the big win.! This was probably our best chance for the North to try and win a cycle for our cell.
To win a cycle you need to build  lots of fields with lots of Mind Units that reach the “Checkpoints” which occur every 5 hours. To put up a huge set of fields after the checkpoint gives the opposition plenty time to remove the fields. We decided to give it a shot and Eyeball created a field plan that generated approx 350k MU which he MadDogIan, Indigo66 and IndigoSnype threw up close to checkpoints so they would count. I have a set of fields that generates approx 250k MU for which I had a few team mates stationed at the 2 anchors including Enipeus and Ghiribizzo. A supply of keys was very quickly collected and distributed for this and we would spend the next few days putting pressure on the ENL in our cell by putting the fields up in time for checkpoint. I think I personally gained around 800k MU over the week towards my Illuminator badge and Eyeball gained his black Illuminator badge.

Each evening throughout the week there were more and more ENL fields going up in an attempt to rectify the cell score which was currently heavily in the favour of the Resistance. The first main field was over Edinburgh which is the south of the cell and mostly out of our reach. In the south there are too few Resistance members who can or are willing to drive vs a higher number on the ENL side that do. This was done by Icepickfia and several block clearing helpers who I hadn’t noticed who was involved. Icepickfia did a commendable job and put layers of fields over Edinburgh. The resistance managed to get a player or 2 to go out and remove a few anchor portals after 1 checkpoint had passed, the third anchor was removed by a few agents from fife. Icepickfia had kept his side in the game for sure.

Details go hazy here as like I said, this was a long week. Some point mid week my favourite ENL player Scotsman72 (his field work is always impressive and he is a sound guy to meet) erected his layer heavy fields over Dunfermline and then added another set of layers on top of them using Kinross/Milnathort.
Those on our intel watching team identified the plan and worked out that we couldn’t have them reach checkpoint or we will lose our lead. The problem was, checkpoint is at 2am. Enipeus rushed to the rescue and removed all but 2 layers before the checkpoint. The lad is crazy but this week was a special case as the North was making an attempt at winning a cell with little help from the non driving south.

The Cell score late in the week was looking good for us and we knew we had just a few more days of effort left even though fewer of us were doing the work of many agents. I think it was Thursday evening (all a blur now) we had a checkpoint around 6/7pm where RougeComputer took out the larger and most northern field last minute but I had luckily done my set of fields with the aid of Ghiribizzo and Enipeus in time for the checkpoint. RougeComputer had to pass Kinross on his way home to Edinburgh so I pinged him a message to see if he had time to stop. I finally had the pleasure of meeting him and had a quick chat.

Friday night, by this time I had little sleep and hadn’t really eaten for a few days. I was running on fumes at this point. I had a special mission the next day so my plan was to be in my home town of Kinross for the 7pm 12pm and 5am checkpoints and leave at 5am to my special mission.
7pm checkpoint: I had my fields still in place from the 2pm checkpoint but with  30 minutes to go I got the notifications “Portal X is under attack by Scotsman72”  Balls, one on with with Scotsman. Here we go! I had 2 plans, 1) as he killed fields from South to North I would go to 2 different south portals which were already build and ADA them then field over him to have layers in at least. I waited until he got to the last 2 northern points and threw the fields over it. I then proceeded to the Northern portal to wait at it and get ready to build the fields again from north to south in the hopes i could build faster than he could return to the North again.
We crossed paths and stopped to chat for 5 mins and then my brain woke up and realised all he needs to do is kill them last second so I can’t build, curse my tired brain! I recharged the portals as best possible but in the last 3 seconds he got me, as expected. 1 missed checkpoint wasn’t the end of the world though. We had another quick chat and said I’d see him or someone at 12 and 5am. Gotta keep them on their toes 🙂 (plan 2 is a secret for next time 😉 )
as he went away I used up the rest of the keys for the current field plan, we had done this too often and had a different baseline etc ready for 12am checkpoint as they can predict what I was going to do…. but….. I slept in. got up at about 4.30am and had to get going for the special mission so couldn’t stop even for 5am fielding

Saturday… Special mission day.
Saturday am the cell score was essentially going our way. ENL had two choices, call it a day or one last big push. I hoped for the former but knew it was the latter but I was on the road in ninja mode to the very North of Scotland to catch a ferry with Eyeball to Orkney. This trip was one thing after another. We got to the ferry terminal to scope it out in plenty time, went to John o Groats for some unique hacks then to Duncansby lighthouse. That’s where things started going wrong. Eyeballs clutch went. Why today?!
Eyeball drove to the ferry and Kirkwall with no clutch and all the way home. It was mental.

Data connection sucks in Orkney on 02, 02 suck anyway but this was really patchy.
We hunkered down in the pub with the only local blue agent Dagstar132. There are currently roughly 4 main ENL agents on Orkney and a possible few other ENL lurking there.
Pub wifi was acceptable and we got on hangouts to see what was going on. Only 4 (I think) checkpoints remained so if something was going to happen it was now. Odd movement started and we managed to identify a link path on the east side. A lower level player Sidee went out to throw a block or 2 but could only spare a little bit of time. The ENL pulled off possibly the perfect field with 3 anchors that are not possible to access without special effort. One was Balmoral Castle which is closed as the royal family are in residence. next was  on Arran which requires a boat to access and the third was at Holy Island to the East of Edinburgh which has causewa access dependant on the tides. We had until roughly 11.30PM to get on the Island to kill the field but Edinburgh not having drivers nor a BAF response team we were stuffed.

They appropriately called the op “Hail Mary, Queen of Scots

The 1st checkpoint brought the cell score almost neck and neck with Resistance being ahead by a few points. 1 more checkpoint would seal the deal. The field lasted almost 24 hours with yet again a fife agent ThirteenMagnus saving the day and taking an Edinburgh agent with him to kill Holy Island.

North of  the cell pulled out all the stops to compete with the ENL this cycle and really knocked their pans in trying to get a single win in. ENL recognised us for this, congratulated the North for giving them a run for their money this cycle and thanked us for the excitement and challenge.
Obviously I was personally disappointed due to the work put in by the North but when ENL pull off a Hail Mary like that you can’t help but appreciate the effort that went in to it.

Both sides deserve a well earned break… but not me. I still had a job to do.

So the 3 of us were stationed in Orkney and the 3rd unlucky event took place, Eyeballs belt broke. I just prayed his trousers would hold up!
Sitting in the car at 5am waiting for the call to prevent and take down blockers for an International Resistance op by the name of Lucky Polar Bear. The op was a success in terms of the fields happening but we missed the checkpoint with it. It’s still impressive and the amount of work that went into the planning and execution of the op is tremendous. Scotland needs Resistance members who can pull that sort of thing off.


From this week I personally gained about 7/800k MU towards my Illuminator badge, a new gold Builder badge and my black Translator badge.

I could now sleep for a week! Here are a few pictures from Orkney








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