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Field Report, Ingress

Twas the Night before Christmas…


Op: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

Twas the night before christmas
And all through the cell
No one was stirring
Apart from DAFT RES.

The portals were lit,
By @Eyeball with care
In the hopes not to wake
The Enlightened near there.

The Enlightened were nestled all snuggled in bed.
Meanwhile blue fields flew over their heads.
The fields would stay up as we had spare keys in a cap.
After this Op we all deserve a nap.

We hit the checkpoint, the team cheered and hollered.
The fields stayed for days, Enlightened was not bothered.
It was time to drive on but first a message to comms.
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

By BorisGrishnikov

Op: Merry Christmas ya filthy animal participants.
@Caulzy @Ghiribizzo @aljbaz @Batbaby @Eyeball @magicdel @Indigo66 @IndigoSnype @BorisGrishnikov





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