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Take your Ingress to the next level


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Take your Ingress to the next level


Ok, so you have got to grips with the game by now and have probably met your local team mates. You’ve reached level 8, bigger XMP don’t exist (yet) and the AP/badge requirements for the next level are starting to ramp up. What do you do to keep the game fun and not just something you do on your work commute?

In my experience the way to achieve this is to do what the game is about. Fielding.
Fielding individually or as a team especially injects a great deal of excitement and sense of achievement in to the game. Also, as far as Ingress is concerned it is the only real metric for deciding who wins at cell level or world level.

In this entry I’ll give you some tips and tricks towards effective field ops and hopefully explain how a few things work.

The Cycle


The main thing to understand is what is the cycle and how it is scored:

A cycle lasts 175 hours or just over 7 days.

A cycle is made up of 35 “CheckPoints”

Every checkpoint is 5 hours apart. At the checkpoint the total MU in the cell is calculated and averaged out over the number of checkpoints passed.

-If you make a huge, awesome kickass field and it gets killed before the checkpoint, it doesn’t count towards the team cell score but it counts towards your personal stats and illuminator badge. So work towards checkpoints.

The MU is calculated by the fields up that hit the checkpoint. These can be single layer fields or multi-layer fields. Mutli-layer fields allow a lot more MU vs space occupied so always try to multi-layer your fields.

Agent Behaviours


Since it’s time to kick things up a notch it’s time to start adopting some behaviours to help you on your way to victory.

  • Just because it links…. doesn’t mean you should link it
    A lot of players tend to throw links to whatever is linkable even if it is 50 miles away because they don’t give two hoots about team plans to field. If you throw a random long link it could potentially block your own team from fielding an area and could cause them frustration. Remember that ingress is a free game but fuel isn’t. Communicate with your local team to see if folks have plans for fields. Generally if they don’t they will get you to throw those kinds of links as blockers to prevent the opposition fielding.
  • Ninja Mode – for me, this one is important. If you are key collecting for a big operation and you only need a few keys for a portal make sure you hack only to stay off radar. When you pop up on the radar by deploying/upgrading a resonator, capturing portals or killing green portals the opposition will assess who you are, what your capabilities and associations are. If you are known to be involved in fields or even are just out of your normal placement then a flag will be raised and the plan could be in jeopardy. Same goes for key or gear swaps, stay off radar and find somewhere open to do it to prevent the items or keys being intercepted.
  • Not being able to drive doesn’t exclude you from fielding ops – A lot of commuting players feel they get left out from field ops, all you have to do is be available and ride shotgun. Offer to join in and 9/10 of the time there will be a seat for you.
  • Don’t be a dick, even if they deserve it. There are a lot of oddballs in the Ingress community. Some are unstable, some are trolls. Some are just sore losers.  The balance in Ingress shifts with new players starting and old players stopping play. If you are dominant now you won’t be forever. Your time will come and their time will come.
  • Use your MUFG effectively and be strict about your gear use. Very rare gear and Virus can be difficult to come across for those now in a city. The optimum number of items to keep in your MUFG is 96. To have an endless supply you should fill them up with what you want reproduced and be strict on yourself to never use those items. E.g. I have a MUFG for replicating ADA/Jarvis that has 40 ADA and 56 Jarvis (as a RES agent I want to replicate more Jarvis). I remove the replicated items daily and put them in another MUFG until I need to use them. I never use the ones in the main MUFG lest I be tempted to keep using them and end up running out. I do this with VR Multi Hack, VR Heat Sink, Axa, SBULA, 8 Cubes, UltraStrike 8, Vr Shields and Keys.
  • Take a back seat – Sometimes, there can be too many agents of your faction in an area. Sometimes, when the opposition is particularly active you can burn yourself out. Encourage newer players to essentially take your place and help them become the next you. This will mean when the opposition grow in numbers you can prevent your team becoming burnt out while keeping the pressure on the opposition.
  • Play to Win – This is more of a personal one for me. Lots of players are casual players and will just play on their way to work etc. Other players like myself play games to achieve the objectives which in the case of Ingress is to win cycles by fielding. For some reason there is a lot of cake involved in the Ingress community as a participation award. If you and your team want to play to win then start with “Cake is for winners” and when your team win a cycle you should have a meetup for beer and cake or something.
  • Play to the checkpoints – As I said earlier, a field killed before checkpoint is worth nothing to the cell score. Be smart and try to make fields stay up until the checkpoint.
  • Know your Enemy Opposition – Know who is commonly involved in fielding or clearing blockers. Know where they normally operate. You will learn who is ‘out of place’ and it will give you time to stop the oppositions field attempts.
  • Learn to read comms in the scanner – most agents don’t carry a tablet device or use their phones to check intel to see what the current state of the area is. I always have my scanner comms set to 20km to see who is doing what in my main area and occassionally switch up to 50 or 100km to see who is doing what and where. This will help you see who has potentially blocked your plans or let you have an idea when the opposition are up to no good!
  • Don’t under estimate the power of X-Faction relations – At the end of the day players on both sides are human and hate to see cheating occur when they play legit, so build a good relationship with the opposition and work together to stamp out negative factors in the community be it cheaters or trolls. Just remember that loose lips sink ships.
  • Key swapping – agents give each other keys for different places. Try not to give keys to LOL-Linkers or they may spam. And also remember, Keys aren’t useful without a plan. Giving someone random keys for your area may end up wasting their space. Come up with a plan, get keys, swap them and then execute a plan together.


Upgrade your Arsenal

Ingress is a free game if you only really play on your work commute.
If you want to win, Ingress has a cost whether it be fuel, an upgrade to your data package, Frackers from the store or even the extra equipment needed to give you an edge over your competition. The following are 2 bits of kit I consider essential for a hardcore Ingresser.

Battery Pack
Ingress is resource hungry when it comes to data and battery use. Having a battery pack means you can keep your phone charged all day and go longer than the average Ingresser

 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

Mifi Mobile Hotspot

Do you sometimes find your current data provider has no/weak signals in some areas?
Do you want to travel to other countries to see the sights and get uniques?

A Mifi is the solution. Most are unlocked so you can insert SIM cards from many providers in many countries. Multiple people can  also connect via wifi to the mifi device so if you are in the arse end of nowhere with bad signal apart from the mifi, you will still manage to achieve your goal. It’s also pocket sized so won’t be a burden. If signal is REALLY bad you can also buy an antenna for it to boost the signal potential.


Hauwei UNLOCKED Mifi device



So there you have it for now. Anyone with any tactics or tidbits to share please leave a comment at the bottom



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 Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)


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