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Sitrep for Operation: FightClub

FighClub After

Operation: FightClub

by BorisGrishnikov

It  started on Tuesday 16th Feb. I received a message from @Skmo with an image showing a possible field with little clearance required from Tyndrum to Ailsa Craig to Berwick upon Tweed. I said I would have a word with someone who would be interested.
I was told there would be no action until there are some layers in there. An hour later of tweaking anchors and expanding the plan later I gave him a peek at a basic plan involving 4 layers over Edinburgh and Glasgow and 9 layers through Stonehaven.
He came back with a tweaked plan for what keys were available. I added all these darn layers to Stonehaven and ended up with 14. could have had 20+ but we only had a few days to collect and mule keys.

@ThreeCheeseTall was good enough to get us a few keys for each desired Stonehaven portals and drop them off.

We had the keys ready and arranged a keyswap on the Saturday. There was much discussion as to why there was so much space open and we assumed the ENL also had a plan which they pulled off on the Friday evening when we expected it to happen on Saturday. We half expected for a fight over getting fields up for this checkpoint.
So @Batbaby and I met @Skmo on Saturday and took advantage of the Edinburgh trip to visit Jacks for pre fielding food goodness!

Since ENL had their huge plan executed on the Friday there was still a LOT of open space and just as few blockers for our plan. We had agents @MagicDel and @Gnudoc in position to sync drop the few main blocks and the fielders would divvy up the layers and get fielding hoping to get many layers in before the checkpoint.

This was the first big resistance op in a long time so there were a few issues and we ended up with 3/4 of the fields up for 2am but were lucky that everyone was drunk or asleep so we actually ended getting the 7am checkpoint as well! 🙂

@Nosferachi gained Black/Onyx Illuminator badge and a few others got Platinum but close to Black. All together this was a good learning experience for some agents who are new to fields and hopefully we can get more Resistance agents in Scotland to have an interest in pulling off bigger and better things.

All in all I think we did well to pull off the plan with only 4 days of planning, harvesting and swapping. There was a lot of link management and guidelines getting placed in the 4 days which i’m sure most op planners can relate to it being stressful.

Below is the before and after to show how clear the lines were for this op.

FightClub Before

FighClub After


Agents Involved:

@Woollyhedge @Elle2808 @Leechevader @Aerysta @Captlard @CreakyOstrich @Iktiv @Batbaby

Keys and Cheerleading:

Boots on the ground for fielding and clearing:
@MagicDel @Ghiribizzo @Xpozez @Aljbaz @Gnudoc @Eyeball @BorisGrishnikov @Indigo66 @IndigoSnype@Skmo @Wednezday @Tomgus1 @Zzoph @KBlackie90 @DaveyBuck @WiseguyTosh @Nosferachi

We could have done this with like 10 agents but with so many people game to field half of Scotland we weren’t turning anyone away 🙂


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