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Field Report, Ingress

You are cordially invited to…


… My Super Sweet 16

Where do I even start with this.

Since starting Ingress around 18 months ago I have met many wonderful people on both the blue and green side. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of key Resistance members over Scotland to pull off some local fields and a few times to pull off bigger plans.
As I approached the milestone of Level 16 / 40,000,000AP i felt the urge to do something special for it and remembered when Bedblam58008 visited a very blue Dundee to AP grind his way to Level 16. He then celebrated by fielding over Glasgow with some nice big fields.

From his footsteps I decided that I wanted to hit L16 with a field over most of my cell with runs from north of Dundee to south of Edinburgh. Especially over Edinburgh. #AchievementUnlocked

Luckily @Eyeball had one of his many plans at the ready so I modified it to fit the current lay of the land and for simplicity. And, because I had a key for the Scottish Border Stone from a road trip to Newcastle. 20 layers…. more…. 30 layers… ok i only need one we’re getting silly now. 30ish will do. Now to rally the troops.
I managed to recruit the usual badass suspects and some I haven’t worked with before. Keys were collected and swapped the week before the Op and everything was in place. Now I just had to get my AP up to 5k under L16. It was difficult… it meant I had to not clean up snot and resorted to recharging things for a little AP.
We had volunteers to take out green guideline hubs on hills and in semi remote places. There was only about 9 blocks in total so we had an agent assigned to each plus 2 agents at the main flash anchors, 2 mini teams to light up remaining layer portals and 4 or so agents in Portlethan for funsies.
The plan was simple. 21.00 drop the blockers in sync. 21.01 guidelinks in then first layer in by 21.02. Simple right? All that has to happen is no new blocks appear.
I had worked with @KBlackie90 @CrystalTipps @MDK50 @HEERLambert and @Skmo to put strategic links and fields in place within what I called the whitezone I.E. a zone within the fields which would help with preventing more blocks appearing.

As the week of the Β Op progressed I was fixated on Intel. My co-conspirators and I watched very carefully for new Β blocking links. No new links appeared so we suspected ENL were keeping the path relatively open for their own plans. Stress increased throughout the week but no new blocks appeared. We had made it to 24 hours before the Op with no new blocks! Praise Jeebus!

Then Friday happened… seems folk had days off and extra blocks appeared, mainly blue ones but a late green block appeared. Thankfully @Jayno was pretty much passing anyway and killing the portal wouldn’t raise any suspicions. We also managed to get @Stanker on board to jarvis the new blue spam. Things were back on track!

5pm hit and like Fred Flintstone i was Yabba Dabba D…outta work… on the road. I picked up @Batbaby and we were on our way to the Scottish Border Stone!
We had arranged a check in at 8pm and everyone to be in positon at 20.45 ready to start at 9pm.
@MissKrazy and @Greebz were super keen and arrived VERY early so decided to try and make friends with the locals

2016-05-21 (15)

and pray to the link gods

2016-05-21 (19)

@CreakyOstrich @DaveyBuck and @Supernacboy arrived early too!

2016-05-21 (13)

Even the Porthlethen team @DanebAlgedi @ThreeCheeseTall and @BertCamembert were ready early!

2016-05-21 (3)

@IlythiiriReady in Oban!

2016-05-21 (4)

An enthusiastic team just what i like to see πŸ™‚
@Batbaby and I arrived early too so she got her pic taken at the England stone (we crossed Scotland to England and back like four times this op!)

2016-05-21 (8)

All the other agents arrived in time to check in and get ready for the synced drop at 21.00
We waited for 20 mins all excited for the go time. no new blocks. Holy Shitballs this is going to happen!

Then a small panic. Less than ten minutes to execution time and @Phaous lit up a train station on his way to Glasgow. We had a brief moment of oh bugger he is going to randomly link and block the op without trying!
But he didn’t so we breathed a sigh of relief and then it was go time.

21.00 hit and everyone dropped the blocks
21.01 started getting the guiding links and running links in





First field up and i hit level 16 πŸ™‚



I chucked up the rest of the links then it was time for @Gnudoc and @Ilythiiri to close 23 or so fields at just under 1 million MU per layer. Needless to say they both got black Illuminator!

Then the Portlethen team let rip!
6 layers all Jarvised to double the MU. @BertCamembert hit black illuminator

2016-05-21 (10)
@RizzoAnderson a relatively new player was told by @ThreeCheeseTall to turn up at portal X and a certain time. When told they would be fielding half the country Rizzo said no freaking way.
Rizzo is now a level 5 with a black illuminator and #AchievementUnlocked for fielding over Edinburgh.

2016-05-212016-05-21 (2)

A few layers were missed due to delay but not only did we get the fields up they hit checkpoint! Back to the hotel!

We hit the hotel pub for a while and got to sleep near 2am.
Batbaby woke up early around 6.30am and said oh that’s the Scottish stone killed.
Who killed it?
CCHubert at 3am, just before the second checkpoint.

Oh…. Lines are still open. Lets throw clothes on and nip over and throw it back up for the lols.
We arrived and threw up whatever keys we had left and got about 7 layers. We then looked around to see a car sitting there. what are the chances it’s CCHubz.

We had a peek and sure enough it was CC-Meister sleeping in his car. Must have been a rough sleep as it was a miserable morning weather wise and he was only getting a few hours sleep. We decided to go back to the hotel and get ready properly and came back for 8am.
8am came and CC-H started attacking the anchor. We started recharging and re adding shields. Knowing there was two of us he then Jarvised the portals there. We killed one and rebuilt it and linked to Oban again to keep the line open. then linked to our last keys. AXA’d the shit out of it.

I should point out this is Batbabys grumpy face for getting dragged out early

2016-05-21 (6)

Someone who wasn’t so grumpy to be sent out early was Olaf (@ThreeCheeseTall) Β Who closed one layer again for the lols from Portlethen

2016-05-21 (1)

That man loves him some blue!
We then decided that after the 13.00 checkpoint we would jarvis the anchors ourselves if ENL didn’t already and get blocks up.
Batbaby and I had already headed back north towards home by this point expecting ENL to revisit the Scottish stone so near 13.00 we sat in Lauder to throw a block along the line hoping ENL would take it out so we didn’t need to head back down there. But they did πŸ™‚
We got a blocker in and so did ENL. Mission complete. Job done.4 black illuminators. 1 level 16 and 1 level 11.

We stopped by Edinburgh to meet another Res agent for an Illegal Jacks then back up the road to Dundee.

Many Thanks go to the following agents who were involved in this Op whether it be strategic blocks, Intel, key collection, portal lighting, block dropping or even just on stand by ready to take out last minute blockers. Without these people this Op wouldn’t have happened

@Eyeball @Indigo66 @IndigoSnype @Ghiribizzo @Aljbaz @HEERLambert @JohnRiddell @MagicDel @Sidee + family @DaddyBlue @KBlackie90 @CrystalTipps @MDK50 @Skmo @Gnudoc @ilythiiri @SuperNacBoy @Stevie1der @Jayno @CreakyOstrich @MyFunClub @Stanker @Illbert @MissKrazy @Greebz @Nosferachi @DaveyBuck @WiseGuyTosh @WonderBiscuit @Roach2010 @Batbaby @BertCamembert @MortalMatt @DenebAlgedi @ThreeCheeseTall @RizzoAnderson @NeoBomber @Aerysta @Cyrinic @CeausescuΒ 



On a special note i want to thank the DAFT crew for everything we have built together and achieved. We’ve managed to win 20 (21 in a few days unless an ENL mega BAF wins the cycle) in a row and that’s a lot of cake but for me now…..


For an exclusive invite to Ingress fill in This Form and we will get an invite sent to you. filling in the form will allow Resistance members to obtain recruiter badges so by filling in the form this will be your first step towards fighting the good fight and helping the Resistance!

Invites will be sent within 24 hours, please remember to check inbox AND spam folders for the invite!

Remember to Join The Resistance! :)


Once you have signed up for the resistance See here for how to play and connect with fellow faction members


Β Ingresser Essential Tool – Portable Battery Pack (USB connection)

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  1. Well played Alistair, however I take no responsibility for your inspiration… You trying to get me shot? Lol


    Posted by Bedlam58008 | May 22, 2016, 6:51 pm

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