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Mobile: Orna — Boris Plays Games

Orna – A GPS meets Classic RPG game. via Mobile: Orna — Boris Plays Games

Pokémon Go: How to find wild rare spawns

(Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 1536 9772 3990! ) This is the sight that can spread panic amongst Pokémon Go players. The rare spawn in the wild that could be bloody anywhere. Well fear no more as we have found a way to help find rare spawns or even just … Continue reading

OPR: Reviewer Help and Guidelines

So you have reached level 12 as an Ingress agent and now you want to be part of OPR? Ok, OPR can be found here. Complete the basic training then let’s talk how to use it. Before we start i just want to state a few things. First off, we are lucky that Niantic are … Continue reading

How to Get Portals Approved

(Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 1536 9772 3990!) At this time, Agents level 10+ have the opportunity to submit 14 portals with a cooldown of 14 days per submission and agents level 12+ get to vote in OPR (Operation Portal Recon) to approve or reject portal submissions. This is just … Continue reading

You are cordially invited to…

… My Super Sweet 16 Where do I even start with this. Since starting Ingress around 18 months ago I have met many wonderful people on both the blue and green side. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of key Resistance members over Scotland to pull off some local fields and … Continue reading

Sitrep for Operation: FightClub

Operation: FightClub by BorisGrishnikov It  started on Tuesday 16th Feb. I received a message from @Skmo with an image showing a possible field with little clearance required from Tyndrum to Ailsa Craig to Berwick upon Tweed. I said I would have a word with someone who would be interested. I was told there would be … Continue reading

Take your Ingress to the next level

  Super Saiyan 3 Goku by longai   Take your Ingress to the next level   Ok, so you have got to grips with the game by now and have probably met your local team mates. You’ve reached level 8, bigger XMP don’t exist (yet) and the AP/badge requirements for the next level are starting … Continue reading

Twas the Night before Christmas…

Op: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals Twas the night before christmas And all through the cell No one was stirring Apart from DAFT RES. The portals were lit, By @Eyeball with care In the hopes not to wake The Enlightened near there. The Enlightened were nestled all snuggled in bed. Meanwhile blue fields flew over … Continue reading

The North Remembers

By BorisGrishnikov Last week was the longest Ingress week I’ve had by a long shot. I burned the candle at both ends AND the middle. The week started off with the ENL fielding over the whole of Scotland. This is a regular occurrence as they have the resources and ambitious people in the right places to … Continue reading

The Zerly Bird Catches the Worm

The Zerly Bird Catches the Worm by BorisGrishnikov The City of Perth, Scotland is currently home to a minimum of 9 ENL agents and 1 RES agent who no longer has time to play Ingress. For this reason we decided there was no harm in covering Perth in 8 Beautiful Blue layers racking up 29K … Continue reading

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